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Welcome to Terre à Terre, Brighton's iconic acclaimed restaurant where vegetarianism is more about indulgence than abstinence. Situated in the historic lanes, Terre à Terre has been feeding its loyal customers and international visitors for over 21 years. Eating with us will stimulate your mind as well as your taste buds and we believe it will change the way you view vegetarian cuisine forever. 

Customer Testimonials:
'Fabulous - the best eating out experience ever.' - Annie Howes
'Excellent, as always! from service to food' - Shereen Haffejee
The Good For Guide 2015..a trailblazer for vegetarian food since 1993 Terre a Terre has long been confounding cynics with its sheer invention...
A A Gill - Sunday Times ( Oct 2010)...... It is singularly and eccentrically marvellous...

Chocolate Week 12th-18th October  - The Big Chocolate Menu.  Chocolate Week is going from strength to strength, and Divine Chocolate, the company co-owned by cocoa farmers,…

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One wonderful compensation for the transition from summer to autumn is that the gloriously hued and scented plum comes into it's own, so this is what we'll be celebrating this month in our soups, and throughout October in our menus.

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Our weekly soup list is developed from a single ingredient, this week is the curious kohlrabi week. We reckon the humble kohlrabi is a much underrated vegetable, which is why we've promoted it to "vegetable of the week"! Already a staple for Germans and East Europeans and highly valued in Kashmiri cuisine, we definitely think it deserves a higher status on our shores.

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