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Sharing Party Menu  ( this menu may change periodically) - £30 pp 

Terre à Tapas to share (vc/ngc)

Aubergine Zhuganoush, with spice dust lavash tanoor hot crisp flat breads.
Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni relish with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar.
Steamed peeking buns filled with Szechuan marinated halloumi, kimchi and miso chilli sauce.
BBQ cherry wood smoked tofu with peanut coconut dipping sauce,wasabi cashews and pickled ginger.
Arepas Chilli Candy with avocado coriander chilli garlic hash and fresh zesty oregano and lime mojo.
KFC, Korean fried cauliflower with sweet and sour sesame, pickled mouli and kale crisp

ngc: Grilled halloumi replaces batter, Chestnut rosti bomb replaces bun, tapioca cracker replaces lavash.
vc: Bruschetta with cashew cream replaces batter, bun served with tofu instead of halloumi.

served with 

Thick cut chips (v/ngc) with aoili or ketchup

To follow

Chocoholic Sharing Plate (vc/ngc)
Chocolate hazelnut truffle cake served with mint crème fraîche ice cream,blackberries, damson and chocolate crumb.
Mini cinnamon sugar coated churros with a chocolate salt caramel dipping pot and berry sorbet.
Crème de cacao Brandy Alexander milkshakes,
Chocolate fudge,
Peanut salt caramel truffles
and minty shiso shoots.

vc : Peppered strawberry basil sorbet replaces crème fraiche, and vegan nudge replaces fudge.
ngc: Cinnamon sugar tapioca crackers replace churros

Keys: V - vegan VC - vegan choice NG - no ingredients containing gluten used NGC - NG Choice
Please inform us of any allergies/ dietary requirements before ordering. Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food intolerances and allergies. With an open kitchen we are unable to guarantee that dishes other than (v/vc) will be completely allergen-free.